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Caribbean West Indies Wallpaper Mural - Pirates of the Caribbean Logo

Caribbean West Indies Wallpaper Mural - Pirates of the Caribbean Logo

Price: $44.95
$44.95 36x48 Wallpaper Mural
$59.95 36x48 Laminated Mural
$75.00 54x72 Wallpaper Mural
$99.95 54x72 Laminated Mural
$129.95 80x108 Wallpaper Mural
$169.95 80x108 Laminated Mural
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Detailed Description

This modern day antique map titled "Today's Caribbean" was one of the maps used in the new sequel film "Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End".  The film producers, Second Mate Productions, used 4 different antique map reproductions as well as this modern day antique map for the movie that were used in different scenes.  If you are interested in the antique map reproductions used in the movie, please see the links below.  Please note that these maps are reproductions of the same maps but not the actual maps used on scene in the movies.

In case you are interested, we have helped locate antique and caribbean maps for the producers of each sequel film together with Disney.

Here are the actual details for the map in this auction:

"Today's Caribbean - Modern Day as Antique"

Wallpaper Mural Edition

Wall Maps 'Modern Day as Antique' have quickly become an extremely popular choice for wall hanging and decoration over the last few years. Swiftmaps features a full line antique style maps and charts, capturing an old world style, but offering current geographical information. Most maps will feature visual shaded relief of the terrain giving the map 3d effects. The maps are printed on parchment paper giving it an awesome antique effect.  We can assure you that they are more beautiful in person.

This antique map reproduction will be great for decorating a room in themes surrounding the movie!  This map is also available without the bottom pirate scroll for those looking for a standard caribbean modern day antique wallpaper mural map.  {Click here to link}

Please note the following:

36x48 Wall Mural = One Panel

54x72 Wall Mural = Two Panels

80x108 Wall Mural = 3 Panels

All wallpaper murals are printed on a special new material just like standard wallpaper.  As traditional wallpaper, a paste or glue is applied to the reverse side of the mural and then hung with standard wallpaper tools.  Simple and easy to hang.  Detailed hanging instructions will be included with your mural.  Laminated murals will have a lifetime of protection with a durable 3mil lamination applied.



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1715 Caribbean & West Indies Antique Map Reproduction


1688 West Indies Antique Map Reproduction


1650 Atlantic Ocean Antique Map Reproduction

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