Beer Cap Map FAQ

How do I hang up my Beer Cap Map (TM)?

We have provided several small holes in each map to allow hanging of your map. Two or more finishing nails do a great job holding the map up and the heads of those nails are small enough to fit through the holes so you can take your map down to add more caps. Picture hangers also work very well but will take up one or more of the beer cap holes.

What are Beer Cap Maps (TM) made of?

Each map is cut from 5mm thick plywood with a unique grain pattern that makes every map one of a kind.

Are Beer Cap Maps (TM) sealed?

Your map will have a single treatment for protection against absorbing water from the air. This does mean, however, the map may be at risk of warping over time and/or absorbing moisture. If you are planning on displaying this outdoors (or just want to ensure you indoor display is bullet proof) we encourage you to further seal and protect your Beer Cap Map to keep it looking great. This will not affect its ability to hold caps.

Will all my favorite bottle caps fit?

We have done our best to create a hole shape and size that will accommodate all bottle caps. This design is patent pending. There may be caps out there that will be too large or too small, and we apologize if that is the case. Caps that seem too large are often the result of bending during removal from the bottle and a little straightening out by hand will do the trick. Caps that are too small are a tougher issue and would require a little bending or even a small dab of super glue to ensure you can display them. Whatever the case, please email us if there are caps you are unable to fit. We are always looking to refine things as we improve our products.