Beers of the World: Mapping Each Nation’s Beverage of Choice

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Here at Swift Maps, we have a few whacky map designs that are perfect for use in the family room or mancave. Among our most popular creations is the United States of American Craft Beer Map, which shows the favorite craft beer produced in each of the nation’s 50 states. The folks at the UK’s Daily Mail have created a map that would make any beer drinker blush.


Using information contained in research reports, corporate filings, and sales data, the world map was filled in with the most popular beer in every country on the planet (for which data was available). The findings offer insight into the intense loyalties of people in each country to beers that are produced at home. The map is broken down in pieces to make it easier to see each region in detail.


North America

North America, this Bud’s for you! The folks at Anheuser-Busch must be blushing, because their beers not only came in tops in the United States, but also Canada. Based upon available information, Bud Light is the most popular beer in the US, while Budweiser topped the list in Canada. South of the border, Mexicans preferred the tropical taste of Corona Extra. Undoubtedly, those figures in Mexico were helped by US and Canadian tourists on vacation in some the nation’s famous resort cities.



The islands of the Caribbean offered some intriguing entrants on the list. No two islands had the same beer top the list. As you might expect, Red Stripe was tops in Jamaica, while Carib (a regional brew) was the preferred beer only in Trinidad and Tobago. When you’re in the Bahamas, ask for a Kalik. Residents of the Dominican Republic choose Presidente over all others.



Much like the Caribbean, Europe is dominated by local beers in most nations. Again, no two countries had the same top beer on their list. Some of the winners weren’t surprising. For example, Guinness topped the charts in Ireland, Carling in England, and Heineken in the Netherlands.


The Middle East & Asia

Perhaps the most surprising factoid in this region was the presence of a top selling beer in some of the world’s most popular Muslim countries. While most Muslims do not consumer alcohol in strict adherence to their religion, there were still popular beers topping the charts in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. What do locals (and visitors) prefer in these nations? Order a Moussy in Saudi Arabia or a Murree in Pakistan.


The most interesting result in this region was a virtual tie for Thailand. Both Singha and Chang Beer finish as the favorite cold beverage in this country. While North Korea is famous for its famines and starving populace, the nation does have a best-selling beer, though its label is entirely in Korean and no translation was available.



American television viewers are going to be surprised by the top beer down under. During the 1990s, Foster’s was the most visible Australian beer brand in the US. Its commercials were famously simple at times, and always ended with the slogan “Foster’s, Australian for beer.” All that said, Victoria Bitter is the most popular beer among Aussies, while New Zealanders preferred Lion Red Beer.


With so many cultural, religious, and political differences separating the people of the world, it’s nice to see a map like this come out. Why? For all of our differences, a map like this shows you that we can all unite in the love of a cold beer on a hot day.

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