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The 38 States of America?

The 38 States of America?
Maps are often viewed as dry tools that incite little interest among people as they age. With the exception of navigational or political enthusiasts, few people open up an atlas to look at maps of the world on a regular basis. This means that sometimes you need to find some of the weirder maps that never made it into the history books in order to ignite renewed interest and entertaining conversation.   There’s been .

Visualizing the Religious Divisions of the Middle East

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The Middle East is an impassioned region of the world where religion is a driving force in much of the peace, and violence, that occurs from the Horn of Africa to the borders of Pakistan, India, and China. The dominant religion of the Middle East is Islam, but the region is home to a wide variety of religious artifacts and monuments that are vital to Christianity and Judaism.   Today, much of the world’s .

Plotting Actual European Discoveries on a Map

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Ever since the Age of Exploration, European nations have laid claim to a number of events on planet Earth that were considered unknown to the world before the eyes of European explorers viewed them. These places and events, in many cases, existed long before Europeans ever saw them, but to the victors go the right to chart the course of history.   While Europeans were fond of making bold, and sometimes outrageous, claims about .

Mapping the Americas Before and After Colonialism

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It is no secret that societies flourished on both the North and South American continents well before Europeans began arriving in the 15th  and 16th  centuries. Prior to the arrival of Europeans and other outside colonizers, native tribes across both continents had developed complex languages, named local places, and established trade routes that allowed for moderate interaction between various groups.   When you view a modern map of the United States, Canada, Mexico, or .

Mapping Languages of the World: China and Africa

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China and Africa are two very important places in the world right now. Home to a combined total of roughly 2.2 billion of the world’s nearly 7 billion inhabitants, these two locations play a critical role societally and politically in the world. The combined nations of Africa continue to struggle to help the continent recover from the horrors of slavery that resulted in millions of its native inhabitants being forcibly removed from their homes .

Mapping the Arctic Land Grab

A lone polar bear poses on a block of arctic sea ice in Russia's Franz Josef Land.
Whether you believe in global warming or not, the polar ice caps are shrinking at rates that modern human beings have never seen. As temperatures rise and ice caps recede, waterways are opening up that haven’t been used in thousands of years, if ever, and land masses are open up that haven been viewed by human eyes in modern history.   There are five nations with a vested interest in the melting of the .

Conquering the Known World in Maps

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Maps have long served as a tool for charting and visualizing the known world. Early human societies created maps of the world they believed to exist around them that would shock most people today. Modern society takes for granted the fact that GPS navigation and satellites in orbit allow humans to view the world in ways never before imaginable. Every corner of the globe is visible with the click of a mouse today.   .

Map Themed Decorations for a Child’s Room

Map Themed Decorations for a Child’s Room
All parents are guilty of imparting some of their own hobbies, sport affiliations, and interests to their children. That’s why manufacturers make NFL jerseys or MLB plush dolls with team logos and franchise names on them. If you’re more of a geopolitical individual interested in teaching your child at an early age about maps, you can still impart that wisdom and desire on them with some engaging and unique decorations. In the following paragraphs, .

Sprucing Up Flea Market & Garage Sale Finds with Maps

Sprucing Up Flea Market & Garage Sale Finds with Maps
Whether you don’t have the financial ability to purchase brand-new furniture, prefer the look of antiques, or just enjoy hunting down a deal, used furniture is a great way to add style and flair to your home. However, when you go through flea markets and neighborhood garage sales in search of furniture to buy, you aren’t likely to find items in pristine condition. With a little ingenuity and sweat, you can turn those treasures .

Keeping Tabs on Your World as a Business Traveler

Keeping Tabs on Your World as a Business Traveler
While the vast majority of people go to work and come home each day with little change in their routine, there are those who power the economy by traveling the world to represent their company and make deals with foreign partners. Business travelers put in long hours traveling to destinations far and wide, racking up frequent-flier miles while losing track of time and place altogether.   For those business travelers with families at home, .