Charting Your Adventures for the World to See

Throughout human history, mankind has used maps to help define the world and explore its outer reaches. Ancient civilizations charted territory using maps, defining the boundary between the civilized world and barbarian cultures. As mankind took the oceans in search of uncharted territory, unique wall maps were developed that depicted the world as it was believed to exist.


Today, there isn’t much need for those same kind of wall maps. The rise of GPS locators and smartphones with map apps has made it possible for anyone to coordinate their position or look at international boundaries in a flash. That doesn’t mean that maps don’t have a special place though. Wall maps make a great decorative tool in the home or office, and can be used to tell a story without saying a word.


Family Location Map

If you’re like most Americans, you probably have at least one family member of close friend located outside your city or state. A great way to display the various places that members of your family call home is with a family location map. You can use any type of US wall map you like, or international map if needed, and all you need to complete the project are a few pictures of those you love.


Start by cutting out pictures of the individuals you want represented. Make sure that the shape of each cutout matches the state you are going to place that picture in. Simply glue those images in place over the state, and you’ve created an engaging piece in your home that allows you to show others the various places your family has spread to.


Travel Map with Pictures

This blog has already talked about how to create a unique map marking your national and international travels. Similar to the map decoration mentioned above, you can create a charming piece for your home with a few pictures from your travels and a map. Now, there are multiple ways you can do this.


First, if you’ve visited numerous countries around the globe, you could just cut out pictures from your travels to glue on (or near) the places you’ve visited. Alternatively, you could get smaller maps that focus just on the regions you have visited. Cut out one or two pictures to fit the shape of that country on the map, and clue them over it. How you approach the project is up to you.


Trinket Maps

For those who habitually collect something from every place they visit, a trinket map is a truly unique creation. With a few trinkets, a US wall map or international wall map, and a deep frame, you can create a great talking point for the common areas of your home.


First, you’ll want to affix small trinkets from your trip to the backing of the frame and map. Try to use the smallest things you can, such as sand dollars from a beach vacation or images of your passport stamps from international travels. Place each one near the location you visited, drawing lines to and a circle around the locale if necessary. When you’re done, enclose the map inside a deep frame (to accommodate larger trinkets), and you’re set.


The limit to map decorations is only met when you run out of ideas. As long as you can dream it up, you can use a map to help bring your decorating creation to life.

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