Creating an Awesome Collage with Travel Maps

(Image from HGTV)

(Image from HGTV)

GPS units and smartphones have put a big dent in the need for travel maps featuring clear directions across America’s highways and byways. Although most Americans now have a global map in the palm of their hands with a smartphone, there is still a place for those beloved travel and roadmaps everyone used to collect in the glove box of their vehicle. In this post, you’ll learn how to turn those old travel maps into a collage that documents your travels at home and abroad.


Determine the Size

As with any piece of art, you’re going to want to decide how much of your home you are willing to dedicate to a collage of roadmaps. If you want to create something modest for a wall in your living room or bedroom, focus on cutting out just the metropolitan areas you’ve visited in recent years. If you have more room to work with, you can get more creative. A unique approach would be to cut out the individual highways and interstates you’ve traveled on between states, and connect them on your collage as a sign of your extensive travel by road.


Select a Motif

Here’s where you can get very creative with your map project. An easy approach would be to focus on the metropolitan areas you’ve had the pleasure (or misfortune depending upon traffic) of driving through. All you’ll need to do is cut out the cities that you’ve visited and paste them together in your collage.


Another option would be to focus on taking the cover pages from road and travel maps to represent the different places you’ve been. Rather than cutting out the boring maps of a downtown or suburban area, featuring all the neighborhood and street names, you could collect a new map from each place you visit and cut off the front cover. Paste them together in a creative manner to create a different collage that advertises your travels.


Yet another option would be to grab a variety of maps from local landmarks the next time you travel. If you take an extended trip somewhere, grab local maps and guides from landmarks you visit. Cut out pieces from them that are visually appealing or otherwise engaging, glue them together on your collage and you’ve got a truly unique piece.


Tie the Maps into a Room

The most important part of the project will be the supporting pieces and décor you use to tie together your entire theme. Creating a wall map collage is great for the bedroom wall, but you may want to find small supporting pieces to decorate a family room or living room if you hang the collage in a more public room of the your house. If you’ve collected other wall art, coasters, or decorative pieces for an end table on your travels, display those alongside your new map collage to create a room that shows off your latest trip across the country or around the globe.


All this project takes is a little bit of time and creativity. Just remember to grab a handful of wall maps on your next trip, and you’ll be ready to create a fun piece of art to decorate your home.

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