Decorating Your Child’s Room with Fun Maps and Map-themed Items


When your children are young, their brains are sponges soaking up a lot of information on a daily basis. While there is no need to bombard their young minds with too much information, there is no harm in fostering an educational environment even in their bedroom or toy room. Maps are a great educational tool to help your children learn more about the world around them. In this post, we offer up some exciting options for decorating a child’s room with maps and other map-themed décor items.


Puzzle Ball – Planet Earth

There’s no better way to help your child learn more about the planet than be giving them this puzzle ball. The 3D globe features 540 curved puzzle pieces that, when completed, offer a smooth, solid depiction of Earth. Once finished, the globe is a great decorative tool for a child’s room, and the process of putting it together helps them learn more about the political boundaries of the world.


USA Block Set

Few children went without a block set while growing up. Rather than giving your child the standard block set that features just numbers and letters, offer them a small civics lesson with these building blocks that include fun facts about the United States. When completed, the blocks represent all 50 states, and each block contains information about the state capital, motto, flower, bird, and tree for all states in the US.


Children’s United States Wall Map

If you want to make a bigger statement about your American pride, the Children’s United States Wall Map from SwiftMaps presents a glorious snapshot of the US from sea to shining sea. The map includes fun information about each state, such as native animals, local landmarks, and cultural icons from each of the 50 states in the Union.


Hand-Embroidered State Pillows

The perfect decorative piece for your child’s bed or sitting area in the room is a hand-embroidered state pillow. These pillows represent an individual state and often feature the names of major cities, images of native species, and depictions of common hobbies of the residents in that given state. These pillows are also available in US version, North American version, and for individual countries from around the globe.


Children’s World Wall Map

Similar to the US wall map, this Children’s World Wall Map from SwiftMaps is a great way to help your kids learn simple facts about different countries from around the world. The map includes the names and capitals of different countries, as well as depictions of major geographic formations and common native species from each country.


As you can see, there are plenty of ideas out there to help you develop a map theme for your child’s room that is anything but dry and boring. These ideas range from engaging and fun, to subtle and stylish. Whatever ideas you decide to go with, you’ll be providing your child with extra opportunities to learn outside of school and take advantage of their formative years.

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