Gift Ideas for a Map Loving Dad


Father’s Day is that one day set aside for families to honor the contributions of fathers. Each year, wives and children struggle to come up with gift ideas for the man in their lives. If your husband, father, best friend, or brother is tough to shop for come Father’s Day, there are lots of gift ideas featured below that are perfect for dads who enjoy maps and geography.


License Plate Maps

Most Americans have a childhood that included family road trips. On many of these road trips, dad was the guiding force navigating the highways and byways of America, getting the family from point A to point B as the kids argued in the back. If you have fond memories of those road trips with dad, show your appreciation with a license plate maps.


There are lots of variations on these maps, but most use reclaimed license plates from each of the 50 states to create a map of the United States. Each license plate is cut and molded to the shape of the state it represents, and fashioned together to create an accurate depiction of the nation. If you want a more affordable version, there are printed options available that recreate the license plate appearance without the actual metal.


Scratch-Off Map

Is your dad a frequent flier? There are plenty of business professionals today who travel the globe making professional connections as part of the new global economy. While you can share those experiences on Facebook and other social media, why not also share it around the house as a conversation starter?


The scratch-off map operates in a similar fashion to lottery tickets and other scratch-off certificates. The world map comes with labels for each nation, and a bland brown finish. As dad travels the globe, he can scratch off the nations or states he visits. Behind the brown outer layer are brilliant, bright colors for each nation. As dad travels more and scratches off new region, the map comes to life with vibrant colors.


National Parks Sticker Map

If your dad or husband is an avid outdoorsman, the National Parks Sticker Map is the perfect tool for tracking his adventures in America’s vast wilderness sections. The United States has an enormous system of national parks and protected forests, and now as your dad visits each of those locations he can easily track those excursions on a map. The Velcro finish on the maps allows him to place a pine tree tracker on the geographic location of each park. From the Everglades National Park in Florida to Yosemite in California, you can watch him fill the map with trees as he travels the country.


Craft-Beer Map

For the dad who has everything in his mancave, the Craft Beer Map of America from Swift Maps is the perfect addition. The map features the logo of each state’s preferred craft beer imposed within the boundaries of that particular state. There is no better addition to a mancave than this map celebrating the brewing spirit of America.


If you’re struggling for inspiration, let these products guide you to the perfect gift for your dad on Father’s Day, his birthday, or just because. There’s never a bad time to give dad a gift after all.

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