Gift Ideas to Complete His Mancave

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Most guys have the fortune of calling one area of the home their own to decorate. Commonly referred to these days as the mancave, this room is often designed with a man’s first-choice décor in mind. For most guys, a mancave consists of sports memorabilia or bar-themed merchandise. If you have a guy in your life that has finer tastes, perhaps the best gift you can give him are map and geography themed gifts.


Shopping for guys is never easy. They don’t often tell you what they want, and aren’t always the best at responding with enthusiasm to the gifts you get. If you really want to wow the map enthusiast in your life, consider the following map-themed ideas to help him complete his mancave.


Low-Ball Glasses

Every good mancave needs some low-ball glasses to serve whiskey, Scotch, bourbon, and mixed drinks in. Believe it or not, there are low-ball glasses available that have city maps etched into the external surfaces of the glassware. You can get them in a variety of cities, though at the moment only major America cities such as Philadelphia and San Francisco are available.


Neighborhood Map Coasters

If you get the man in your life some glasses, he’s going to need a nice coaster to set them on. There are multiple options available when it comes to coasters. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can take some plain coasters and old maps to create your own custom coasters. All you need to do is cut out a map of the city your fella grew up in, or perhaps the place you two fell in love. The options are endless.


If you want a more professional touch, there are a number of companies that make wooden coasters with neighborhood maps from particular cities carved into the surface of the coaster. Try to make the coasters match the glasses from the previous gift idea to create a cohesive theme.


United States of Beer

For the guy whose drank a beer in every state, or just about, there’s the United States of Beer. This fun map allows him to track his sudsy travels across the country. Each state has a section he can fill in with his favorite brew from that area, and even a flavor wheel that allows him to gauge his enjoyment of the beer(s) he tried in that region.


USA Beer Cap Map

Even better than the United States of Beer is the USA Beer Cap Map from Swift Maps. This wooden cutout of the United States Features a large number of holes in it that are just the right fit for tops from beer bottles. The top spaces aren’t perfectly arranged to allow for multiples for all states, so he’ll have to narrow down his favorite beer caps. However, it is a great conversation piece for the wall and offers a classy way to display caps from memorable brews he’s tasted as he traveled the United States.


There are a lot of perfect gift ideas out there for the man in your life. As this post shows, all you have to do is look around a little bit, and you’ll find the perfect ideas for the map enthusiast in your life.

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