Keeping Tabs on Your World as a Business Traveler

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While the vast majority of people go to work and come home each day with little change in their routine, there are those who power the economy by traveling the world to represent their company and make deals with foreign partners. Business travelers put in long hours traveling to destinations far and wide, racking up frequent-flier miles while losing track of time and place altogether.


For those business travelers with families at home, it can be difficult to keep track of where mom or dad is traveling this week. When Apple introduced the iPhone, the app store boasted that for any need you had, there was “an app for that.” Well, for the family of a business traveler, there’s a map for that. These wall maps are both helpful in tracking business travelers, and even offer a fun chance to create a unique piece of art in the home.


US Zip Code Maps

This one is for the business traveler to enjoy and make use of on a personal level. There are countless options available, from desktop size to wall maps that breakdown the various ZIP codes used across the United States. If you do business with clients in multiple states, it helps to know about their ZIP code and the boundaries in which your clients operate. Options include a full US ZIP code map, as well as individual state maps such as California and Texas.


Time Zone Clocks

It can be very confusing for young children to keep track of the time wherever mom or dad is traveling this week for work. Young children don’t understand that the time is different in one state or country compared to their home. For the parent staying home while the other travels, a time zone clock can help them teach the kids about the time where their spouse is. Not only does it offer the children a chance to learn about time zones, it also helps keep track of the best time of day to call them.


For those looking to take it to the next level, the Geochron Boardroom World Time Clock provides a bright, easy-to-read map that shows times at various locations around the globe. It even shades the regions of the globe where it is night and brightens the areas where the sun is shining at any given moment.


Tracking Your Travels

Whether you are a single person who travels a lot for business, or want to offer your family a fun craft activity, this last map is a great idea. With some yarn, thumbtacks, and a Classic World Wall Map, you can place one thumbtack on your home city on the map. From that point, you can add yarn that stretches out to a new thumbtack for each destination you visit. For your family, it’s a great activity to keep your children entertained by your travels and show them each place you’ve visited.


As a single adult, it’s a great talking piece to keep in your home. The tangled web of destinations you’ve visited is on display for all to see. If you feel a bit like a world explorer, consider using a World Modern Day Antique Map instead.


There are a lot of ways to document your travels for business. If you want to add a little fun to the experience and create unique memories to keep at home, or just keep your family in the loop, these map ideas are a great start.

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