Magnetic Beer Cap Map FAQ

1. What sizes are available?

The Magnetic Beer Cap Map is currently available in two sizes: 16×24 and 24×36 (size in inches)

(Custom sizes and images are available.  Please inquire with any questions on custom projects)

2. Approximate number of caps?

Inside the USA outline portions of the map you can fit approximately 75 caps in the 12×18, 125 caps in the 16×24 and close to 200 caps in the 24×36 size.  Of course you can always decorate the borders and perimeters of the map which gives many more options to become your own beer cap map artist!

3. How do I hang up my Magnetic Beer Cap Map?

  • Rolled magnetic beer cap maps can be hung like a traditional poster:

    1. pinned in the corners
    2. strips of velcro to the reverse of map and wall
    3. DIY framing
    4. 3m Command Strips for Picture/Poster hanging work awesome on walls, doors or refrigerators!!
    5. (check out this 3M Command Strip video)
  • Framed magnetic beer cap maps include all hanging hardware. Ready to go – right out of the box!

4. What are Magnetic Beer Cap Maps made of?

Each map is custom printed to a patented vinyl surfaced magnetic material allowing high-resolution quality images along with magnetic surface properties!

5. How do the bottle caps stick the maps surface?

The surface layer of our beer cap maps have magnetic properties.  Since the bottle caps are steel – the teeth of the cap will attract to the magnetic surface of the map.  Since the teeth of the bottle cap (the edge) is what is touching the maps magnetic surface – it is important that the cap is completely flat and all edges touch the maps surface equally.  If your cap has been pried off a bottle with an opener it might be necessary to reconstruct the cap to its original form.  You will quickly find that you will want to be extremely careful removing your caps from your favorite craft brew!  Twist off bottle caps are ideal since there is no bending of the bottle cap while opening.

6. Why are my bottle caps not attracting to the maps surface?

The most common issue is a bent cap.  Bottle caps cannot be bent and all teeth of the cap edges must be touching the maps magnetic surface.  If any portion of the teeth are lifted up and not touching there will be attraction issues causing the cap to slide or fall.  Straighten out the bottle cap so it is as close to its original form as possible – making sure in the process that the teeth are perfectly flat and level.  Another issue can also be aluminum or plastic bottle caps.  This is rare but these materials will not attract to a magnetic surface. Bottle caps must be steel caps.

7. Can I place small magnets inside the caps for extra strength?

Yes, definitely!  Using small magnets placed inside the bottle caps will provide extreme extra magnetic strength between the cap and maps surface.  This might be considered if customers or children will be in contact with the map.  This will make the caps extremely difficult to remove due to the extreme magnetic forces between cap and map.  Small magnets are easy to find at most all home improvement, craft or hardware stores.

8. How do Magnetic Beer Caps differ from wood cut pre-cut maps?

Magnetic Beer Cap Maps takes the old-style wood cut-out maps to a new and exciting level.  Gone are days of warped wood maps, difficulty placing caps – especially at middle of the map areas – along with being forced to place caps where the manufacturer wants you to.  This is your cap design – not ours!! Now you can put your cap wherever you want your cap.  Maybe you want to decorate the outer portions of the map with caps and leave the interior map free to highlight the geographic map itself.  Magnetic Beer Cap Maps give you the customer every possible way to become the final designer and artist of your own beer cap map.  We supply the map – you create the art!