Map Themed Decorations for a Child’s Room

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All parents are guilty of imparting some of their own hobbies, sport affiliations, and interests to their children. That’s why manufacturers make NFL jerseys or MLB plush dolls with team logos and franchise names on them. If you’re more of a geopolitical individual interested in teaching your child at an early age about maps, you can still impart that wisdom and desire on them with some engaging and unique decorations. In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn about some creative options for your child’s room.


Map Mobile

This concept not only introduces your child to maps but also to airplanes. You don’t need to spend money on an expensive mobile because all you need is a fixture to hang a spinning wheel from above your child’s crib. Take a few cut-outs from a map of your favorite region of the world. Fold the pieces into airplanes and clip them together on the mobile. Let it dangle above your child’s crib, or place it on a wheel so it can spin. Either way, you’ve saved money and created a unique mobile.


Throw Pillows

If you want some comfortable pillows for the nursing chair in your child’s room, consider decorating your own throw pillows with maps. This takes a little more effort than the mobile, but with just a day’s worth of work you’ll have some unforgettable pillows to decorate your child’s room. First, you’ll need to cut out some regions of the map that matter to you to feature on the throw pillows.


Now, there are plenty of good online resources to complete this part. You’ll want to affix those map cutouts to your chosen pillows. If you’re stuck for inspiration, consider cutting out areas of the map that represent mom and dad’s hometown(s), or even the cities where your child’s grandparents live.


Dresser Drawers

For those with older children, it is still possible to incorporate some maps into their room décor. All you need is a basic knowledge of Mod Podge (or a crafty friend willing to help). As with the other projects in this post, you’ll need some maps and a pair of scissors. Cut out sections of the map that appeal to you, or even your children, and then affix those to the front face of dresser drawers. The result is a unique look for the front of your child’s dresser that won’t be found in any large retailer.


Maps make the perfect tool when it comes to decorating your home. More than just a boring piece of paper found in textbooks and encyclopedias, maps have helped humans better understand the world around them for more than 2,000 years. Maps provide us with insight into nautical destinations, political borders, and even geographic differences.


If you want to create something truly unique for your child’s room, no matter his or her age, you can use maps to achieve that look. If you know some ideas that were missed in this post, feel free to share them with Swift Maps.

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