Maps with a Bird’s Eye View


Creating and printing wall maps that include a visual representation of an entire nation, or even the entire globe, offer children and adults alike the opportunity to take in the world in an easy-to-view medium. While these maps are based upon mankind’s scientific understanding of boundaries and locations around the globe, the power of satellite imagery and views from space cannot be beat. Courtesy of the space race in the 1960s, and subsequent advances in satellite technology, it is now possible to gain a bird’s eye view of the planet from above.


The following wall maps offer some of the most intriguing visuals of planet Earth and beyond, including the moon and the entirety of the solar system. With these maps, you can explore the world around you.


Earth at Night

The popular Earth at Night poster shows you what the world looks like from space when the light of day recedes and darkness prevails. It offers a startling glimpse at the progress of humanity, as well as an interesting look into the regions of the globe where civilization has yet to overcome nature’s beauty. Densely populated regions of the globe, such as the East Coast of the United States, Western and Central Europe, and Japan are lit up by the glow of artificial light at night.


Conversely, the dense jungles of the Amazon in Brazil and the rain forests in Africa remained shrouded in darkness. Vast stretches of cold, inhospitable Siberia also remain in the dark when the light of day is gone.


World Satellite Map

This World Satellite Map makes use of the latest satellite technology to render an image of the planet that details the vegetation of planet Earth, as well as standard climate (temperatures) and population density of major cities from around the world. As with the previous map, satellite technology allows mankind to create detailed, accurate renderings of the planet using both scientific knowledge and actual visual cues taken from satellites orbiting the planet every day to create a wall map that offers new insight into the world.


Moon Reference

Earth’s Moon serves as a reflector of the Sun’s rays in the evening, and uses its gravitational influence to impact tidal flows on Earth. The Moon Reference map offers a 360-degree image of the Moon’s surface, as well as additional information about the phases of the Moon and its revolution in relation to the Earth and Sun.


The Red Planet

For centuries, mankind has looked toward the heavens with a single thought in mind: does intelligent life exist somewhere else in the galaxy? Mars has often been the target of that speculation. Recent years have seen the United States land a rover on Mars, collecting samples of Martian soil, taking high-resolution images of the planet’s surface, and searching for signs of life on the so-called Red Planet.


Now, you can view the planet as never seen before with the Red Planet Map and Poster. This product displays the entire surface of Mars, including its highest peaks and lowest valleys. The map was created using 1,000 images taken by the Mars Orbiter Camera, and offers the sharpest view yet of the Martian surface.


The world, and in fact the galaxy, is a massive place. Maps can help you better understand your immediate region, the planet you live on, and even some of Earth’s closest neighbors in ways you never imagined possible.

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