Sprucing Up Flea Market & Garage Sale Finds with Maps

(Image from TheGlamourai.com)

(Image from TheGlamourai.com)

Whether you don’t have the financial ability to purchase brand-new furniture, prefer the look of antiques, or just enjoy hunting down a deal, used furniture is a great way to add style and flair to your home. However, when you go through flea markets and neighborhood garage sales in search of furniture to buy, you aren’t likely to find items in pristine condition. With a little ingenuity and sweat, you can turn those treasures into artistic centerpieces with the help of maps.


Foyer Tables

If you’ve got a larger home that has an expansive entry foyer, you might find the space a little too open and barren without a nice table to fill the space. A good foyer table not only adds some character to the room, but it serves a functional purpose by providing a place to store keys, mail, and other odds and ends.


Now, if you want to create a truly unique piece you can use maps to cover up the well-worn parts of the table. Consider covering the drawer faces with map cut-outs. Pick any region of the world that inspires you (hometown, favorite vacation destination, bucket-list destination, etc.), and apply that map to the front of the drawers. You’ll cover up the dings and dents nicely, and create a great talking piece that every guest will see immediately upon entering your home.


End Tables

You undoubtedly need or want end tables in your living room or family room. After all, your guests need somewhere to place their drinks as you sit around talking or watching the game on TV. Rather than going for bland, boring end tables, breathe new life into those flea-market finds by applying maps.


Again, all you need to do is cut out some of the regions of the world that inspire you. There are plenty of methods available online to help you apply those cut-outs to the table tops. When you’re done, you’ll have a nice talking point if the conversation grinds to a halt. At the very least, you give your living room or family room unique character.


Cover a Lantern

This last one will require a little more work, but your efforts won’t go unnoticed by your guests. If you have a lantern shade hanging in your home that you’d rather people didn’t see, you can turn it into the focal point of the room with the help of maps. Start by cutting out circles from a map of your choice.


Next, you’ll want to arrange those circles over the lantern in an overlapping patter reminiscent of scalloped potatoes. Now every time you turn the light on, that lantern will catch the eye of your visitors for a good reason.


Maps are more than just directional and educational tools. Whether you love maps or just appreciate unique interior design, you can use maps in a number of ways around the home to create a truly unique atmosphere.

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