Stylish Gift Ideas to Decorate Your Home Bar

(Our popular Beer Cap Map)

(Our popular Beer Cap Map)

Millions of Americans have installed home bars in their residences to add a touch of class and provide the perfect entertaining space for family and friends. The toughest task facing many homeowners is decoration for that home bar. Creating a mature theme for a bar can be tough. Some opt for sports themes, hang a few jerseys and hats, and call it a day. If you want to develop a motif that is mature, yet fun and engaging, you might want to consider these map-themed ideas.


State Dish Towels

Every good bar needs towels to help clean up the spills and dry the glasses once they’ve been washed after a party. What better way to get people talking at your next party than showing off your state dish towels? These towels feature embroidered designs that represent the state you live in or your favorite vacation destination. Facts included on the towels often include the name of the state, symbols from its official flag, the name of major cities, and images of local wildlife species, landmarks, and cultural icons.


Great Wines of France Tasting Map

No bar is complete without wine for those with a sophisticated pallet. If you’re particularly fond of French wines, this map allows you to track the different varieties you’ve purchased and tried with your friends and family. You can check off each of the wines from varying regions, and there is a taste wheel that allows you to highlight the flavor notes you enjoyed, or didn’t enjoy. You can also write down the maker, vintage, and other pertinent details.


USA Craft Beer Map

One of the hottest maps from SwiftMaps right now is the United States Craft Beer Map. The map features the traditional map of the United States, but instead of the state names and capital cities, the jurisdiction of each state is filled in by the label of the favored craft beer from each state. Not only will your guests appreciate the special style of this map, it may even spark some spirited debate among your visitors who may disagree with their home states representative on the craft beer map.


Single Malts of Scotland Tasting Map

Traditional spirits are surging in popularity with Millennials and their parents alike. Scotch has long been one of the favored spirits for sale in the United States, and Scotland is home to what many consider the finest whisky (or whiskey, as it’s spelled in America) in the world. As you taste the different varieties of Scotch produced in Scotland, you can write down the distillery, vintage, and type of Scotch you tried, and even spin the flavor wheel to denote smoky, peaty varieties as well as the unique Speyside flavors.


USA Beer Cap Map

Last but not least, the USA Beer Cap Map allows you to put those old beer caps to good use in a solid-wood frame. This creative map features an outline of the United States, with a total of 177 holes for you to fill in with beer caps from all across the country.


There is more than one way to decorate your home bar. If you want a mature, sophisticated appearance for your home bar, these gift ideas will help you develop a home bar décor theme that gets all your guests talking.

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