Think Outside the Box with a Globe as a Gift


When most people think about maps, they envision a square or rectangular piece of paper in a book with flat depictions of the world around them. Throughout much of human history, mankind believed the Earth was flat. Early maps reflected that thinking with frightening features at the edges of the map representing the end of the world and unknown darkness beyond. The world is in fact a spherical place, and it wasn’t until globes were introduced that mankind better understood planet Earth.


If you have a map enthusiast in your family, an individual who enjoys unique decor, or a child whose imagination you are hoping to nurture, there are countless globes you could purchase to provide these individuals with a creative gift that truly represents outside-the-box thinking.

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Desktop Globes

Even a map enthusiast doesn’t always need a large or otherwise imposing wall map. You can give them a desktop globe that displays all corners of the world in a size that fits neatly on larger tables or desks in your home. Many modern globes are available in two different styles: antique reproduction or standard political. An antique reproduction has the appearance of a map from antiquity with shades of brown used for coloring and perhaps even some decorative images. Standard political globes features each nation of the world in a different color, with blue oceans and labels for nations and even national capitals.


Floor Globes

For those with extra space in the home and a map or geography enthusiast that enjoys larger decorative pieces, a floor globe is a great option. Floor globes have all the appeal and options of a desktop model, but you have a variety of choices when it comes to the support stand holding the globe. Some are as simple as a globe fixed atop a pole that spins from the central connection between the globe and pole. Others are available with more ornate pedestals, many made of wood, that add to the overall decor of the room you plan to display the globe in. Again, these globes are available in various finishes that further contribute to the look and feel of a given room.


Illuminated Globes

Finally, there is the chance to mix lighting and educational maps with an illuminated globe. Your favorite map enthusiast or young child can get equal joy out of a floor globe that features internal illumination. These products have all the educational value and attractive decor features of the other globes covered in this post, but the internal lighting allows them to serve a dual purpose as a lamp in any given room. Illuminated globes offer soft lighting in a room that might otherwise feature overpowering ceiling fixtures. In some cases, it could even inspire your young kids to extend their own bedtime after you leave the room to browse the globe with the flick of a switch.


Maps are more than just flat pieces of paper on the pages of a book or behind the frame on a wall. With the decorative globes discussed above, you can give your favorite map lover a unique gift they’re sure to love

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