Six Types of Unique Wall Maps


Most people are only familiar with maps of the world and the maps they use to plan journeys. However, there are lots of different types of maps, and each of these types can showcase a fascinating range of facts. Here are six unique wall maps.

1. Climate maps:

unique climate wall maps

(Climate Map)


Climate maps are colored in a way that illustrates how weather, temperature and precipitation varies by areas of the world. These unique wall maps provide interesting insights into contrasts between countries, and can even help you choose a vacation destination that suits your climate preferences. Some of these wall maps will also show things like average cloud cover and the amount of snow that typically falls in an area.

2. Physical maps:

climate maps are unique wall maps

(Physical Map)


Physical maps offer detailed information on the terrain depicted. For example, you will be able to see mountain ranges, bodies of water, and forests. These unique wall maps also tend to show how far above ground different areas of land are elevated, with colors gradually transitioning from green to brown as land elevation increases. Topographic maps are a subset of physical maps, which use contour lines to indicate elevation instead of using color. The closer the lines are together, the higher the elevation of that area.

3. Resource maps:

buy resource wall maps

(Resource Map)


Resource maps show you the natural resources and major sources of income associated with different countries and regions. For example, you might see symbols of specific fruits or vegetables on some countries, oil rigs in certain places, and rice in others. Children can find resource wall maps particularly useful when first learning about different cultures. These maps can also help you understand political alliances and conflict when it is based on resources.

4. Road maps:

California road maps for sale

(Road Map)


Formerly indispensable when planning a road trip, road maps have now largely been replaced by online maps accessible via smartphone. However, road wall maps can still be extremely useful (especially in areas with poor cell phone surface), showing highways, airports and public transport hubs. Roads will be depicted in different colors to show their size and nature, helping you organize travel more effectively.

5. Political maps:

framed wall maps


Like resource maps, political maps are less concerned with representing the land than they are with communicating cultural information. For example, you will be able to see state boundaries, capital cities and places of political activity. Some political wall maps may also be specific to an election and will show the distribution of votes won by particular parties or candidates.

6. Thematic map:

thematic wall maps for sale

(Thematic Map)


Finally, thematic maps can focus in one any specific topic that is relevant to a specific country, region or area. You can find some that look at pollution or other environmental factors, some that show infant mortality rates, and others that show the religious or political affiliations of people in different places. Thematic wall maps are very useful to researchers, providing clear information that is easily processed. However, these maps don’t tend to show any physical information about land, sea or highways unless these marks are particularly relevant to the theme.

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