Beach Peek Wall Mural Wallpaper Photo Decor

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Beach Peek wallpaper mural decor available in 48×70, 80×120 or 96×144.

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Product Description

Enjoy our popular photo wall murals exclusively from Swiftmaps.com. We have teamed up with some of the best photographers in our great land to create many of the most breathtaking murals available in the industry. This impressive wall mural comes in three different sizes so we can best meet your decor planning.

Don’t forget that we can now create custom wall murals and wall borders of your favorite photos and art too!! It’s as easy as email, print and ship! Why not display your own personal work on art on the wall? The possibilities are endless… ask us how: [email protected]

  • 48×70 = 1 panel
  • 80×120 = 3 panels
  • 96×144 = 4 panels

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Mural Choices

96×144 Wallpaper, 80×120 Wallpaper, 48×70 Wallpaper


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