GeoPhysical Wall Mural 3D Edition World Map Wallpaper
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GeoPhysical Wall Mural 3D Edition World Map Wallpaper

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The Swiftmaps GeoPhysical Wall Mural 3D Edition World Map Wallpaper is available in paper, laminated, wallpaper, canvas or framed from 48×78 to 96×144.


Product Description

GeoPhysical Wall Mural 3D Edition World Map Wallpaper: Enjoy the best with the popular world wall murals offered by!  Add a decor matching wood/plastic molding around your mural and have a stunning piece of art that will turn heads!  The Geo-Physical world murals are perfect for offices, boardrooms, educational facilities and government facilities.

The Geophysical World mural will include:

  • Major cities & capitols
  • World Time Zones
  • Land Elevation Shading and Distances
  • Up-to-Date Political Boundaries
  • Ocean Depth Shading and 3D Visual Relief
  • Nautical Miles/ Longitude & Latitude
  • Updated with the help of the CIA/ Dept. of Defense
  • Wallpaper murals come with detailed hanging instructions!

AVAILABLE SIZES: (Height x Width)

36×60 (1 Panel)

48×78 (1 Panel)

60×96 (1 or 2 Panel)

76×120 (3 Panel)

96×144 (4 Panel)

Note 1: The 60×96 size mural is a single 1 panel map for the laminated edition but a 2 panel mural for the wallpaper or peel n’ stick editions.

Note 2: 60×96 (2 panel), 76×120 (3-panel) and 96×144 (4-panel) editions are multi-panel murals that are spliced together during your installation.

** We also offer a laminated and railed edition for those who need a cost effective and appealing hanging solution. The dark wooden rails are mounted to the top and bottom of your map. **  (To see a rail sample click here!)

Lamination Details:

Each laminated edition includes a revolutionary new UV laminated coating for years of enjoyment and dry-erase. Unlike traditional heavy film laminates – the NEW UV coated laminates stay flat without prolonged curling issue and more importantly will not crack and peel over time. Note: only dry-erase markers should be used on gloss coated laminate maps for write-on and wipe-off!

Wallpaper Details:

Wallpaper editions are now available in classic wallpaper (needing standard wallpaper pastes) or a new revolutionary wallpaper called QuickStik!!  QuickStick is a pre-pasted wallpaper that only needs water applied with a spray bottle to the back surface for application.  It’s as simple as that!  Why deal with messy glues and wallpaper pastes? NO MORE!!  Another great benefit of QuickStick is that it can be easily removed without damaging the wall surface.  We are proud to be the exclusive USA map company specializing in this new wallpaper media.

Re-Tac (Peel n’ Stick) Details:

Peel n’ Stick is a self-adhesive format which can be repeatedly removed and reapplied without losing its sticky properties. Adheres to almost any smooth wall (flat) surface including drywall, wood laminate, wallpaper, foam board, glass, tile, paint. The map can be removed at any time and relocated or stored using the backing paper supplied. NO screws, rails, nails, pins, hooks, strings, tape or glue are required to mount this product – the special adhesive backing does all the work. Simply peel your map and stick it! Peel n’ Stick products are printed with fade resistance inks on a specially designed 3 layered vinyl, for the perfect clarity, color reproduction and durability. Peel n’ Stick will not tear or crease and feel like a high quality map. Want to relocate your map? Simply peel and replace on a different wall, or reapply to the backing paper supplied for transport or storage. Now you can display your map where you want it, when you want it. Peel n’ Stick will change the future of wall maps and wall murals worldwide and we’re proud to be leading the way.

Framing Details:

SWIFTMAPS is proud to now offer their own line of framed wall maps. We have chosen the top selling finishes of wooden framing and made them available with many of our popular wall maps. All wooden frames are produced with top quality products and professional framers and include all mounting hardware for easy hanging. Our line of wooden frames are 1 – 1/2″ in width. We have found this to be the most popular size for wall maps. All framed maps are first mounted to a heavy duty foam/cork board, perfect for using push-pins, then laminated with a professional protective 3mil plastic laminate to give your map a durable layer of protection from dirt, oils and moisture – along with dry-erase pen use.  Custom decorative framing and non-glare glass are available for special order on request. Note that due to UPS and FedEx shipping and boxing restrictions the 36×60 framed edition will be approx 10% smaller in overall size.  Please contact us for additional details or custom framing requests. If you want it, we can make it!! Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Please note that all framed maps are very fragile and require a heavy duty custom crate for shipping. We take pride in making sure you receive a perfect shipment!


Additional Information

Mural Choices

24×36 Laminated, 24×36 Wallpaper, 24×36 QuickStick Wallpaper, 36×60 Wallpaper, 36×60 QuickStick Wallpaper, 36×60 Laminated, 36×60 Re-Tac, 48×78 Wallpaper, 48×78 QuickStick Wallpaper, 48×78 Laminated, 48×78 Re-Tac, 60×96 Wallpaper, 60×96 QuickStick Wallpaper, 60×96 Laminated, 60×96 Re-Tac, 76×120 Wallpaper, 76×120 QuickStick Wallpaper, 76×120 Laminated, 76×120 Re-Tac, 96×144 Wallpaper, 96×144 Quick Stick Wallpaper, 96×144 Laminated, 96×144 Re-Tac, 60×96 Foam-Core Mounted, 76×120 Foam-Core Mounted, 96×144 Foam-Core Mounted, 36×60 Black Framed, 36×60 Paper


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