Traxxas Aluminum Shock Tower Kit T/E/S Maxx


Red aluminum shock tower for Traxxas EMaxx, TMaxx and SMaxx monster trucks. The most durable and quality aluminum tuning parts available in the USA.

SKU: EX100

Product Description

Traxxas Aluminum Shock Tower Kits

We are proud to announce our newly-formed alliance with EXTREME CROSS RACING, one ofEurope’slargest’after market’ suppliers of aluminum tuning parts for all major monster truck manufacturers

Shock Tower Kit for:

  • Sport MAXX

** 100% High Grade AA7010 Aluminum **

** New Blue, Red, Black or Sand Blast Anodized Finish **

** Brand New in Packaging! Regular Retail $48.00 **

XTREME CROSS RACING (XCR) presents their brand new high-grade aluminum shock tower kits for TRAXXAS EMaxx, TMaxx and Sport Maxx trucks.These top-of-the-line adjustable shock tower kits are also ‘quick adjusts’ for whatever change of terrain you might encounter. Make your adjustments in less than 60 seconds. Be the first to sport these unbreakable shock tower kits on your TRAXXA Struck. XCR aluminum shock towers will not only ensure less breakage but will enhance your vehicles performance.

Note: This auction is for ONE Shock Tower Kit

Additional Information

Color Choice

Red Shock Tower, Blue Shock Tower, Black Shock Tower, Sand Blasted Shock Tower


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