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World Mural Wall Map Wallpaper Physical DMA Edition

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The World Mural Wall Map Wallpaper Physical DMA Edition is available in wallpaper, laminated or peel n’ stick decal in many sizes from 48×70 to 96×144.


Product Description

World Mural Wall Map Wallpaper Physical DMA Edition: Enjoy the best with the popular World Physical wall murals offered by!  Add a decor matching wood/plastic molding around your mural and have a stunning piece of art that will turn heads!  The Physical world murals are perfect for offices, boardrooms, educational facilities and government facilities.   This popular wall mural features data obtained through the USA Dept of Defence Mapping Agency (DMA).

The Physical World murals will include:

  • Major cities & capitols
  • World Time Zones
  • Land Elevation Shading and Distances
  • UptoDate Political Boundaries
  • Ocean Depth Shading and Shaded Elevation Relief
  • Nautical Miles/ Longitude & Latitude
  • Updated with the help of the CIA / Dept. of Defense Mapping Agency
  • Wallpaper murals come with detailed hanging instructions!!

PLEASE NOTE: The vinyl wallpaper murals can also be used as a traditional poster map.  You DO NOT have to use wallpaper paste with the murals and adhere to the wall.  Our wallpaper murals are made with a special vinyl that allows our murals to be used for whatever application you desire from framing, to foam-core mounting, to just pinning or taping up.  The possibilities are endless.  Also note that the laminated murals are laminated on both sides for extreme durability, protection and of course, the use with dry-erase markers.  We recommend installing the laminated murals with VELCRO.  We have found this installation application to be the best for the laminated products.  This allows for removal and portability of the mural without damaging the mural and/or the wall.  We do not recommend using wallpaper pastes with the laminated murals since some pastes will react to the lamination as well as needing the wall perfectly primed, sealed and sanded by a wall covering professional.  We have even found that velcro applications tend to work and install even better that paste installations.  Please email with any questions or concerns!


Width: 70 inches Height: 48 inches (1 Panel)

Width: 96 inches Height: 60 inches (1 or 2 Panels – see note below)

Width: 120 inches Height: 76 inches (3 Panels)

Width: 144 inches Height: 96 inches (4 Panels)

Note 1: The 60×96 size mural is a single 1 panel map for the laminated edition but a 2 panel mural for the wallpaper or peel n’ stick editions.

Note 2: 60×96 (2 panel), 76×120 (3-panel) and 96×144 (4-panel) editions are multi-panel murals that are spliced together during your installation.

Lamination Details:

Each map face also includes a revolutionary new UV laminated coating for years of enjoyment and dry-erase. Unlike traditional heavy film laminates – the NEW UV coated laminates stay flat without prolonged curling issue and more importantly will not crack and peel over time. Note: only dry-erase markers should be used on gloss coated laminate maps for write-on and wipe-off!

Now available in wallpaper! (Click for details)

Now available in Retac:  Peel ‘n Stick! (Click for details)

Additional Information

Mural Choices

60×96 Wallpaper, 60×96 Laminated, 60×96 Re-Tac, 76×120 Wallpaper, 76×120 Laminated, 76×120 Re-Tac, 96×144 Wallpaper, 96×144 Laminated, 96×144 Re-Tac, 60×96 Foam-Core Mounted, 96×144 Foam-Core Mounted, 48×70 Wallpaper, 48×70 Laminated, 48×70 Re-Tac, 76×110 Foam-Core Mounted


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