XXL USA Craft Beer Bottle Cap Map


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Size does matter! Unlike other cap maps on the internet, our X-Large 23″ x 37″ Beer Cap Map is the perfect size for wall display – not too large, not too small! Beer Cap Maps are great looking laser-cut maps of the best brewing states in the US. Each USA Beer Cap Map is filled with plenty of holes (177 holes) for your favorite caps along with a spot marking the state capitol location. Fill them with all of your best caps or just ones from breweries that reside in that state. Caps pop in the back and are held snugly in place so they can be easily displayed in your living room or home bar. In addition to offering every US states, also offers a Florida Beer Cap Map.

Product Description

Learn more about our beer cap maps here.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 6 in


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