Zip Code Wall Map Series

Map Sizes

The regional Zip Code maps are 32″ x 42″ in size. Statewide maps are 36″ x 48″.

Easy to use

Our 5-digit ZIP code maps are unquestionably the best available. Our maps show ZIP code boundaries, ZIP code boundary names, ZIP code number, city or community names plus county lines and large bodies of water. Each map contains a complete listing of ZIP codes for the counties covered by the map including grid location on the map or explanation of why the ZIP is not shown (e.g. PO Box or unique ZIP). 

Frequently updated

We closely monitor the U.S. Postal Bulletin for new ZIP codes and boundary changes. Most of our major metros are updated every year. Our dealer network and customers keep us informed of new ZIP codes or boundary changes in their areas.

Large market areas on one map at same scale

We cover major market areas on one map at the same scale whenever possible. For example, the Consolidated Los Angeles 5 county area is shown on one map all at a scale of 1 inch = 3.3 miles, except for the sparsely populated desert areas.

Complete MSA and CMSA coverage

Zip maps include all portions of an MSA or CMSA on the same map even if it includes part of an adjoining state. For example: the Portland/Salem NW Oregon map includes Clark County, WA. The Minneapolis/St. Paul map includes two Wisconsin counties.

Wide selection of maps by area and type

We presently have one hundred sixty eight (168) different ZIP code maps covering forty (40) states in their entirety plus the District of Columbia and portions of seven (7) additional states. We are continuing to produce 5-digit ZIP code maps for additional areas. Our map coverage presently includes most of the fastest growing metros. It is expected that we will have completed ZIP code maps for all 50 states by late 2016.

All of our maps are available in paper or laminated. (Statewide maps only available Laminated) We also have most maps available in digital format. The laminated maps (3 mil. lamination both sides) provide protection from tearing and accidental spillage. You may mark on the laminated version and wipe off using water soluble or grease marking pens. Orders for digital maps are available as Adobe PDF. Special requests can be made for GIS use where DXF or ShapeFiles/ArcInfo files are needed.